Saturday, January 12, 2008

1 - glaucoma mcqs

Question 1
Essential feature of glaucoma is:
Optic neuropathy-----------
Raised intraocular pressure
Reduced vision
Painful eye

Question 2
Which of these is not a feature of ocular hypertension?
Elevated intraocular pressure
Closed angle-------------
Normal visual fields
Normal optic discs

Question 3
Risk factors for glaucoma include:
Cardiovascular diseases
Family history of glaucoma
All of the above------------

Question 4
Which of these is not a likely cause of painful red eye in a patient?
Open angle glaucoma------------
Closed angle glaucoma
Herpes simplex

Question 5
Drugs that facilitate aqueous humor outflow include:
B and C only-----------

Question 6
Which one of the following agents lowers intraocular pressure by reducing aqueous production?
Dorzolamide--------------( carbonic anhydrase inhibitor )

Question 7
Which class of drug is the first line of therapy for open angle glaucoma when no contraindication exists?
ß blockers----------------
a agonist
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

Question 8
Side effects of oral carbonic anhydrase inhibitors include:
Tingling sensation in the extremities
Nausea and vomiting
All of the above---------------

Question 9
Dorzolamide is a:
Oral carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
Topical carbonic anhydrase inhibitor-----------
None of the above

Question 10
Which one of the following statements regarding pilocarpine is true?
It is a sympathomimetic drug
It is the mainstay of glaucoma treatment
It can be employed in the treatment of both open angle and closed angle glaucoma--------------
It reduces production of aqueous humor

Question 11
Uveo-scleral outflow of aqueous humor is increased by:
ß blockers
Alpha agonist
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

Question 12
Which of the following are not suitable adjuncts?
Timolol and latanoprost
Pilocarpine and betaxolol
Dorzolamide and timolol
Brimonidine and betaxolol-------------?????

Question 13
In treatment of glaucoma, to achieve better effect blockers can be combined well with:
Topical carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
Any of the above-----------

Question 14
A 75 year old lady with a long standing history of asthma treated with steroids presents to the clinic because of decreased vision. She is found to have posterior capsular opacities as well as an intraocular pressure of 28 mmHg. Which of the following medication should be prescribed?
None of the above

Question 15
Neuroprotection is well established with:
None of the above

Question 16
The only US FDA approved drug for control of post-operative intraocular pressure spikes is:
Brimonidine 0.2%
Apraclonidine 1%-----------------
Latanoprost 0.005%
None of the above

Question 17
Which of these is not true with regard to laser trabeculoplasty?
It is done as an outpatient procedure
A new opening is created in the white of the eye to facilitate drainage of aqueous humor------------
Its effects may wear off over time
Is generally done after trying treatment with medications

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